As seen on:

Travel Channel's
Mysteries at the Museum:
"Reagan limousine and
Keely's Motor"

ABC's Forever
"Fountain of Youth"

Palm Beach Senior/Boomer

Wenneker.TV and
"Struck By Lightning"

Michael Krause film:
All About Tesla:
The Research

Gendai Productions:
Giants Of The Light
and Shadow: 
 Tesla vs. Edison

National Geographic's
American Genius
"Tesla vs. Edison"

Weather Channel's
Strangest Weather On Earth
(Multiple episodes)

History Channel's
Modern Marvels:
"Mad Electricity"

Fuji Television Network:
Miracle Events Unbelievable
"Panic In The Air"

Robert D. Campbell:
"Reminiscences of a
Birdman" - Living History
Press, LLC

Bob McCoy:
"Quack! Tales Of Medical
Fraud", Santa Monica

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