The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Tesla "Pancake Coils":  Redefining Tesla Technologies

1/2 KW Discharges

1 Second Exposure, 1 KW


Table Of Contents

Page 1:    Original Pancake Coils by Nikola Tesla
                                  Introduction by Jeff Behary
                                  Images of coils made in Tesla's Laboratory, 1897

Page 2:    Thomas Burton Kinraide:  Pioneer of Pancake Coil Technologies
                                  Originally made in Thomas Burton Kinraide's Spring Park Laboratory, 1897
Page 2b:  Commercial Forms Of "Kinraide Coils"
                                  Licensed under Kinraide Patents, Manufactured by Swett & Lewis under the
                                  supervision of Howard Jackson

Page 3:    Reproductions of Kinraide Patents
                                  Pancake Coil Systems, 6" Diameter Spark Gap, Flaming Arc Discharges
                                  Created by Jeff Behary, 2001 - 2006

Page 3b:  Inspired by Kinraide - Pancake Coil Systems
                                  Multilayered Conical Coils, Modern Pancake Coils, Oil-Filled Kinraide Coils
                                  "The Tesla Coil Of The Future"

Page 4:    The "Prague Coil" - High Output Pancake Systems
                                  1 KW Pancake Coil System designed for 16" Discharges
                                  "The Baby Prague Coil"  Twin 3" Coils producing 4" Discharges at 50W
                                  Pancake Magnifying Transmitter - Yields 48" Discharges at 1KW
Page 5:    Campbell Electric High Frequency Coils
                                  One of the first off-shoots of the Kinraide Coil for X-Rays and Therapeutics
Page 6:    Victor, Vulcan, and Fischer Coils
                                  More commercial Pancake Systems
Page 7:    Fischer, Aloe, Betz, Wappler, McIntosh, and Scheidel-Western Coils
                                  Smaller Portable Systems with Pancake Coils
Page 8:    Flaming White Arc Prototypes
                                  A New form of Electric Discharge from Tesla Coils:  Flaming White Arcs
                                  This discharge is produced from a quenched gap and a small Pancake Coil.  The result
                                  is perhaps the world's most efficient Tesla Coil - yielding a discharge as blinding as a welding arc.
Page 9:    Reference:  Winding Pancake Coils:  Thomas Stanley Curtis
                                  One of the only chapters ever written on Pancake Coil construction (before now!)

1/125 Second Discharge

1/10 Second Discharge

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