The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007


220/240V Model T Ignition Coil / 1/2" Spark Induction Coil:
A slight "Tesla-ization" of the circuit produces some scary 2" flames!

Click here for a 30 second movie!

The electromagnet used for these photos ranged from a small Violet Ray coil to a small reactance coil.  Power consumption was around 1 - 1.5A
from the 220 mains.  The condenser was a .5 mfd.  The spark gap was from 3/8" tungsten contacts carefully spaced from .0005" - .0015" apart.

The de-tarred  Model T Coil was placed in a bowl of Soybean Oil.  (Okay, so I ran out of Mineral Oil!)
I quit using Boiled Linseed Oil because today after work my little shop was a whopping 116 degrees at 5:00 pm.  South Florida, go figure!

Not a discharge you want to touch!

The arc starts to bow and flaming sparks can be seen interposed.

A slight draft will cause the arc to distort into sparks...

Blowing on the arc creates a beautiful ribbon discharge.
Still photos are below of this phenomenon.

Same coil with only .05 mfd (ten times less).

A standard Ford Model T Coil removed from the tar...

An accidental  flash photo showing the arc in the middle of the flame.