The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007

Eight Segment Binary Spark Gap Series - Adjustable from .001" - .254" in .001" increments

The wiring of the gap is fairly simple.  Its just a series spark gap with shorting rods across each gap!

From left to right:  .001", .002", .004", .008", .016", .032", .064", .128"
For higher efficiency, the .128" gap could be split into two .064" gaps...

Each Spark Gap is adjustable individually for initial setup.  Parallel with each gap is a shorting
rod that removes the gap from the series.  By leaving all rods open, a gap of .254" is formed...
By closing one or more of the gaps, a gap of .001 - .253" can be obtained in .001" increments.

Completed Gap

For more Spark Gaps, see our Virtual Tesla Coils:

July 5:  Simple version of the gap segments

Simple gap design:   Square 3/4" brass stock with tungsten rod

Same idea, simplified components.