The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2006

Christmas 2006...Things to come in 2007!

One of the most exciting things about 2006 was getting to speak with Robert Campbell.  Robert
has uncovered several hundred photos made by Earle L. Ovington.  Earle developed the first therapeutic
Tesla Coil with Dr. Frederick Finch Strong, and later became the first US airmail pilot.

  Below are some wonderful examples of these photos that Robert has kindly sent to the museum.
They are an amazing 19 x 22" each!  Robert is currently finishing a biography on Ovington's life.

(C) Robert D. Campbell 2006
(C) Robert D. Campbell 2006
(C) Robert D. Campbell 2006

I happened upon some Ovington letters to Elihu Thomson from the American Philosphical Society.

And an autographed copy of Adelaide Ovington's second book.   (Earle's wife)

I also found an autographed Ovington Air Mail envelope.

My parents found a neat National Cautery Gun...
...and an amazing original Keely Motor Company Stock Certificate. 

Close-up of Keely Stock ...

The Keely Stock inspired us to frame these last photos of a Keely motor...
(24" x 36")
We also finished up some color photos of Kinraide's negatives
(18" x 24" each)

I started to frame some of my own "Electriscapes"...Electric Discharge Photos...
(16" x 24")

(16" x 24")

(16" x 24")
(16" x 20")

Graham and Ellie sent us a surprise photo album of their visit...

Jim & Judy sent us an awesome Wardenclyffe Tower Christmas Card!
(The rocks above were gathered by Jim & I at the actual site when we were in Long Island!)

Kirsten and Kenny donated a beautiful Fischer GP Diathermy Machine!

And we found an ad full of Campbell's we only wish we could find!