The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007

Negative Discharges Inward to Tesla Terminal

More static effects from a Kinraide Coil reproduction - note the negative streamers occuring from the primary upward to the terminal - as
if the ball terminal was grounded and the primary wasn't!  But the ball terminal was simultaneously producing 1-2.5" discharges of its own.
Power transformer was two microwave oven transformers, primaries in anti-parallel secondaries in series, driven by a reactance coil and 51 volts from a variac.
Power consumption was approximately 70 watts.  Cap was from .048 - .060 mfd.
Interesting to note that the voltage measured across the transformer was around 300 volts before the cap was added, and 738 volts afterward!  Yet a change
in the cap value to less than .032 or more than .06 and voltage dropped to around 300 volts again... (?)(?)(?)

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