The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2006

A Selection of gifts from the Ever-Generous Frank Jones...

Frank sent me a Tesla Westinghouse Stopper Lamp.  I nearly died when I opened the box.
After regaining consciousness, I'm holding a piece of real history here!!!

Some things need HIGH RESOLUTION photos!  Just look at this!!!!!!! 

Frank only recently sent me a self-luminous self-exciting (very exciting)  Geissler Tube.
It's powered by friction - shaking it back and forth causes the friction of the mercury against
the uranium glass to ionize the vapour inside!

For those wanting a picture of it in operation, come to the museum and hold the camera for me...
I tried a dozen with no avail...

If that's not enough, here is a demonstration Crookes/Geissler tube...

And another!

Uh, Ehm, err....  Ah....   Io...?  You do realize that is a complete set of Violet Ray dental electrodes?

Give me a Tartar Control Whisker Lickin' and I wouldn't have to use them!
(Even I could use some hairball remedy after seeing her in there!)

A collection of rarities:  Westinghouse Stopper Lamp,
Two Tesla Speedometers,
an original Tesla obituary,
a first edition Tesla lecture,
a Waltham Watch Tesla Speedometer Catalogue...