The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007


"Fitzgerald Pancake Coil" - 8 Watt Tesla Coil giving 2 - 4" sparks!

It all started with this little coil.  5" in diameter,  .15" thick, 1000 turns of 32 awg silk covered wire. (Thanks to Frank for the spool!)

How much spark can I get from a normal Violet Ray with a new coil made for it?

I had a Fitzgerald Mfg. Co. Violet Ray, a small 8W unit that was missing the resonator coil.  So I decided to add a Pancake.

The rest of the circuit is unmodified except for the new yellow cloth covered cord leading to the Pancake Coil.  I made a discharger
that is connected to the ground - in this case the outermost secondary winding and one leg of the primary coil.

The discharges were 2-3", and if no discharge was taken it would spark over to the binding posts and screws nearly 4" away.

"Viracorp Violet Ray Corp. Violet Ray Device"

The following devices were donated by Jenz, a local man that buys Violet Wands for BDSM.
We had an interesting chat about the local "scenes" in South Florida...

Note the wild case!

A lot of contrast in this set!

This is the first time I saw a knurled hexagonal cone!  Slight hint that it was molded!

The back of the piece has a diamond knurl and a beautiful logo.  A well made housing!

The book has no manufacturing information, but a bottle of ozone inhalant was distributed as "Violetta" (Bleadon Dun)
"Violet-Rays Aids the Life Process"

It needed a new cap.  I used part of a microwave oven cap.  The unit throws a 1" spark or more.
The machine itself looks like it was made by Master Electric or Master Appliance.
Note that the knob is turned on a lathe rather than molded!


Renulife Model K

It needed a lot of cleaning inside and throws a 1" spark too.