The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007

"Escaping Gas Flame-like Discharge"
These experiments were performed with a 9" Pancake Coil.  Its dimensions are:  5/16" ID, 8.875" OD, 26 AWG wire with .010" oiled paper
interleaves, embedded in beeswax and rosin.  The power supply was 4000V 0 - .375mA , .008 mfd, 1/2" Tungsten 3-series Spark Gap.

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Hot discharge escaping straight up, like a burning gas flame! 
(All photos are normal air at normal atmospheric  pressure - 90% humidity on a typical South Florida evening in West Palm Beach...)
Side view of flame.

Closeup of flame - note the minute zig zags...

Enlarged view of discharge.

As the circuit is modified slightly (more current, wider gap) the discharges spread into brush.

Partial discharge.

Top view of gas flame-like discharge.  Note the confined space.  There is much heat felt above the unit.

Top view as brush discharge begins to form.

Hot too!

Side view of brush discharge.

Here is my latest testing table.  To the far lower left can be seen a condenser embedded in beeswax leaning against a
1970s public pay phone.  On the table is a large variac that controls the smaller power supply with adj. condenser behind it.  A large 16-series
spark gap is used for most experiments, the number of gaps depending on the supply voltage.  Under the table is the large high power
pulse capacitor - 25kV at .046 - .460 mfd in .046 mfd increments.  It weighs something like 500 pounds!!  To the right are two large
variacs to control most experiments.  One is for voltage, one is for current.  On top of this unit is a small kicking coil testing unit with
an adj. condenser .001 - .128 mfd in .001 mfd increments.

On the table is a 9" Pancake Coil, a 3" multi-layer pancake embedded in epoxy resin, two multilayered Pancakes for low RF experiments,
a disruptive discharge multilayered coil, and a 3.5" pancake coil.  There is also a Kinraide inspired Spark Gap and a box of ball bearings for
top load capacity experiments.

On the far wall behind everything is a photo of Ukraine president Victor Yushenko with his logo "Actions not words!"...this was before his tragic
illness from being poisoned.