The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007

Original Kinraide Coils Test - Bipolar Arrangement

These two coils were found in Kinraide's lab.  Each coil is wound with 8x silk coated wire.
The transformer used was only 900 volts,  current limited with a reactance coil to between 100 and 150 mA.

The condenser was a whopping 1 MFD!  Not .001, not .01, not even .1 but 1!!!!
The coils were run on very low power to demonstrate that they still function, despite being over a century old.

The coils were found wrapped in a newspaper from Dec. 21, 1899.  They could be from as early as 1897.  This test was
performed on Oct 03, 2007 - making the coils from 108 - 110 years old. 

The primaries used for the test were 1" copper ribbon, 6 turns each, with a strip of oiled paper inbetween for insulation.
The secondaries contain approx. 1000 turns of wire each, 8x silk-covered 30 or 31  AWG.  They were wound in beeswax and rosin,
but for further testing would require approx. 2" of wax on all sides additional.  For historical reasons, this will not be done however
new 8x silk-covered wire is being custom made to carry on the experiments.

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