The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2006

Kinraide Static Electric Tests...

3-4" Discharges with around 60 watts input power.

Click here for a video...

These photos were the results of a series of experiments with a larger Pancake Coil and very
low input powers.  The Pancake Coil is embedded in a glass dome 14" in diameter, and contains
a secondary winding with 750 turns of 30 AWG magnet wire.  The primary is 6 turns of
2" wide copper ribbon, spaced apart with 1/8" rubber.

The tank circuit consists of a large (130 pounds) variac wired as a variable reactance coil.  The
circuit uses two microwave oven transformers with primaries in anti-parallel and secondaries in series.
There is a 10 amp reactance coil in series with the microwave oven transformers, also in series with the
variac.  Maximum power consumption at 110V is around 250 watts. 

The condenser is adjustable from .001 - .128 mfd in .001 mfd increments.  For these images and movie,
the condenser was set to .048 microfarads.

The spark gap had faces of 3/8" tungsten.  The same tests were also done with 6" diameter Stainless
Steel plates separated less than .100".  (Kinraide style Quenched Spark Gap)

On lower powers, leyden jars could be charged from the outputs.  The output was not purely static electric,
but could be partially rectified by placing points and planes in the vicinity of the discharge terminal.