The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007

Thomas Stanley Curtis Reproduction:  Oudin Resonator, Completed
For once I built something I'm proud of!  Many thanks to Frank Jones for the silk covered wire and copper strap,
and to the early radio magazine collector that sent me the interesting Curtis scans.  This was a fun project.

The materials are all "real" this time -  Brazilian Cherry, Italian Marble, Rosettes from the Carolinas, Magnet wire covered in the USA
with Chinese silk, and the finest copper strap from a fine purveyor in Georgia!  Its about time I make something not of MDF.  Maybe this'll start
a trend...?

The unit is operated from a Franceformer 5000V 120mA Cold Cathode Transformer.  It consumes 5 amps.

The discharger is a 3" Brass Bed-Post Ball, with an electrode holder made from a new .45 cartridge casing (No primer!).
The form is made from 4" PVC couplings, actual OD is 5".  Winding is 11" of 30 AWG silk-covered wire.  Primary is 6 turns of copper strap 1" wide, tapped at #5.

Brush Discharge

Brush discharge in the dark!

Early testing, before staining.

After staining.  The 4-series 1/4" diameter tungsten spark gap has a shorting rod to change the number of gaps used.
Note the connecting wires are "knob-and-tube" style house wiring pulled from a dumpster in front of a 1920s home locally here in West Palm Beach!

Close up of Secondary Winding before insulation with resin. 

Before wiring...

Finally I got to use the lathe and make a few binding posts.  The primary to the left is insulated with cardboard, a classic rugged design of Curtis.

Baby Bear watched thoughtfully.

While Io was dreaming of pigeons!