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Forgotten Historical Figures:   Physicians, Inventors, Friends, and Family
Noble Murray Eberhart
Noble M.  Eberhart was a prolific writer - perhaps the most well known author of
high frequency currents books.  He is mentioned in nearly every Violet Ray manual, his photos becoming a part of nearly every
manufacturer in some way or another.  His famous books were printed dozens of times, each edition having different  photos.
He was a man who didn't play favourites, so none of the machines in his books had manufacturer information visible, unless by
chance.   Considering a few of the machines were only published in his books, he's given us quite a few challenges in identifying
some of them!


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Noble M. Eberhart was married to Margaret D. Eberhart.  The two of them had a son, Noble M. jr.
Margaret drew some illustrations in Noble's later books.

Eberhart was the son of a Clergyman, Isa Eberhart, his mother Melissa was an Irish immigrant.

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