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Forgotten Historical Figures:   Physicians, Inventors, Friends, and Family
Thomas Burton Kinraide



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Ravenscroft / Spring Park Laboratory

The Hermitage on Spectable Pond, Sandwich Mass.
Kinraide made over 500 exposures of Lichtenberg Figures to study the properties of
various phases of electricity produced with various frequencies.  During a time when
electricity was thought of as either "positive" or 'negative" Mr. Kinraide concluded that
these were in reality different phases of a single "Electrical Force"

He discovered a way of photographing a "complete embodiment" of electricity through its negative,
dynamic, and positive phases that he called "The Electrical Entity"
Kinraide pioneered the flat spiral and Pancake forms of Tesla Coils.  He made the first practical
portable X-Ray Machine in his Spring Park Laboratory located at Ravenscroft.
Kinraide was considered an authority on the "Fourth Dimension".
These wooden carvings represent part of the concepts presented in his "Fourth Dimension".
In the late 1890s John W. Keely died and his last wish was that his motor be left with Mr. Kinraide.
The death of Keely caused an uproar with the investors of the Keely Motor Company, and
Kinraide was pressured to determine the value and secrets of Keely's work - a task that
became a great burden for an inventor in the middle of important discoveries of his own.
Keely was a friend, and Kinraide was put into a difficult position of either exposing his friend
or being forever pressured by angry investors of a company that he had nothing to do with.