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Forgotten Historical Figures:   Physicians, Inventors, Friends, and Family
William James Morton

In 2005 I finished a reproduction of a Kinraide Coil.  That night I uploaded pictures to the website, and had a dream that I went to Boston to try and
find an original machine.  In the dream, a couple of girls told me "IF YOU LIKE COFFEE, GO TO THE JUNE BUG". 
I woke up from the dream at around 2am and had no idea what to think about that.  "June Bug?". 
So I went to the computer and typed in "June Bug Coffee" and found a small cafe in Jamaica Plain - the town Kinraide is from.
How strange!

I kept thinking of that and I decided to build a second reproduction.  When I was finished, again I uploaded photos to the site.   The following
day I got a phone call from Gerald Zeitlin, a man was at a cemetery in Jamaica Plain.  I told him of the strange dream, and coincidence of the events...
Gerald was researching Morton and his father.  Morton's  father "discovered" ether, or at least was declared to have done so after some controversy...

Gerald's conversation inspired me to book a ticket to Boston.  In three weeks time, through a series of unusual events we found the Kinraide house and
remains of his laboratory, something we were unable to find information about despite a dozen years of intense research trying to do so previously!
The June Bug cafe:  The current owners of the Kinraide home said that they eat breakfast there!  Coincidence? 



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