The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
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Forgotten Historical Figures:   Physicians, Inventors, Friends, and Family

This section is dedicated to friends and family that encompassed the vast field of early X-Rays and
electrotherapeutics.  Many of the names are of people forgotten over time that made significant
contributions to the medical, X-Ray, and wireless fields.  A vast collection of  physicians, authors,
instructors, inventors, researchers, and eccentric showmen - the names are familiar, but the faces
and histories behind their work is not. 

Please call or email us if you have a historical family member or know anything about a forgotten
Victorian contemporary.

A classic example is to the left:  William Benham Snow - famous author and advocate of Static Electric
Machines.  His great granddaughter Donna emailed us after visiting our site.  Its quite magic to have
read Snow's books and now have a face to put with the name. 

We've compiled a series of short biographies and clips regarding various historical figures.  These
will be updated as we find more information.  Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

 Historical Archives:

Dr. William Benham Snow, Physician / Author Thomas Burton Kinraide, Inventor / Researcher
Dr. Frederick Finch Strong, Physician / Author Howard Jackson, Inventor for Swett & Lewis Co.
Earle Lewis Ovington, Inventor John W. Keely, Inventor
William James Morton, Physician / Author James Eastman of Renulife
Thomas Stanley Curtis, Inventor / Author James Seeley, Vulcan Coil Company
Herman G. Fischer, Inventor / Owner of H.G. Fischer Frank S. Betz, Owner of Frank S. Betz Co.
Howard H. Osborn, Inventor for H.G. Fischer Noble Murray Eberhart
Dr. Sinclair Tousey, Physician / Author