The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2006

Prototype Strong-Ovington Demo Apparatus

From the prototype in the shed...

...To the complete apparatus in the living room.
A Christmas present from Frank:  A 15,000V 60mA NEW Neon Transformer
(I've never seen a new Neon transformer before...WOW!)
A wax+oil embedded condenser - (2) .032 mfd condensers in series, 20kV rating
8.5" x 11" acetate for the dielectric, aluminum sheets for the plates.
A simple wireless type testing gap - 10mm Tungsten.  Terminals are for external gaps...

...such as this 16 series 1/2" Tungsten quenched spark gap.  It works really well for a multitude of effects!

Dr. Strong's Triple Condenser Terminals

Condenser Terminal

"Dummy" Terminal

Ball Terminal

Multiple shots of Effluves...

6-Series Spark Gap

6-Series Spark Gap with lights turned on...

8-Series Spark Gap

Tesla Arc with 4-Series Spark Gap...

A pause for paws...Io was patiently putting up with loud crashing sparks...
Rita was upstairs "trying" to watch TV...