The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007

Inspired By Thomas Stanley Curtis
22. Sept 2007

This amazing newspaper article was sent by Tom Curtis, son of Thomas Stanley Curtis.

A century later amateur scientists are still inspired by the work Thomas Stanley Curtis

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This machine is inspired by several articles Curtis wrote on Tesla Coils  for wireless and X-Ray use.
This is a 2 KW bipolar Tesla Coil powered from a 4,000V transformer with a .02 mfd condenser and a 3/4" tungsten quenched spark gap.
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Due to rain, the discharging posts have yet to be machined! 

The secondary coil is wound on 6.25" diameter ABS.  It is a 24" form, with approx. 1" gaps on the side and middle.  It contains two coils 10.5" long
close wound with 18 AWG wire.  They are wound in series with their mid-points grounded to the 2" wide flat copper primary coil.  The primary has 1.5 turns.
The secondary coils have approx. 230 turns in each section.
The above photo shows an occasional  16" discharge. 

Brush discharge - wires approx. 18" apart.

Closeup of Brush Discharge

At 15" there is a continuous spark discharge with a lot of brush discharge.

At 12 - 14", intense spark discharges occur.

A new compact 2KW power supply is also being constructed for this machine.

An earlier reproduction inspired from the Curtis book:  "Kicking Coil" set.

Many thanks to Thomas and Tom Curtis!
More Curtis reproductions are soon to come!