The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007

Thomas Stanley Curtis Reproduction:  Oudin Resonator
I don't do this often.  These are full-size images.  I absolutely love this coil.  It's a cylindrical Tesla/Oudin Coil,
simple form - 5" OD, 11" tall.  It was made by gluing together three 4" PVC couplings end-to-end.  It is wrapped with
350 turns of number 32 double silk covered magnet wire.  The whole coil (initially bright yellow-green) was coated with
Spar Urethane varnish - which made the finished coil a deep leaf-green.  Thin canvas phenolic ("bakelite") was used for the
end cap, and the top was made with a 3" brass bed ball, thoughtfully stolen from my wife as per TSC's 1916 instructions!

Finished coil, approx. actual size.

Frank sent me a gallon of Brasso, so no excuses for shabby terminals any more!

I think it began to spark a little.

A thin wire (18 AWG) was inserted into the ball terminal on top to concentrate the discharge.
A 1/4" hole was drilled into the top of the bed-ball to receive a conducting cord for various experiments, or modified forms of dischargers.

Bird's eye view from the top!

A shot in the light.

The final coil will run from a 5kV 120mA transformer, and will be a separate feature on the site.