The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

2008 Coils:  Introducing some of the "Twelve Tesla Coils Of January 2008"...

Two Oudin Coils, 28 DSC Wire

Bipolar Brush Discharges - Short spark gap

Testing phases, .004 - .006 mfd doorknob caps

With more capacity, the discharges appear more defined.

The sparks are white, yet cold in nature.

With less capacity, the discharge becomes warmer and the sparks less defined.

Testing phase, .004 mfd, 5kV 120mA

Testing a taller Oudin Coil, 12" discharges

Unstained base made from plywood and rosettes

Finished base with Primary Winding

Closeup of coil winding.  I love the silk covered wire!

Primary made from 1/4" copper tubing.  Damn copper got expensive with the war
effort, almost unaffordable!

Quadpolar Tesla Coil, Four Pancake Coil Prototype

Top view of same, showing secondary coils - first stage of impregnation.
The massive case is 12" wide x 48" long!
(Doesn't sound big till its filled with wax and you're trying to move it!)

Stained feet of larger cases

The next project will be a bipolar coil with two different frequency secondaries

One will be close-wound...

The other will be space wound...

Nation is a professional wire-stripper and un-coiler

Mejla also helps to uncoil perfectly wound secondary coils...

They often argue about how much of the wire to remove from the forms!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2008