The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Static Electric Tests:  Partially Rectifying Tesla Coil Outputs
Preparing Cherry Box with wax and glass insulating rods (Kinraide's method)

Poured Coils - Sprung a few leaks this time!

7" Pancake Coils, 2 1/2 turn primary coils, embedded in 9" x 2" of wax.  Placed in box, embedded further with wax.
Center posts are .45 cal brass cartridges.


Sparks do seem to be getting static properties, appearance, and sound.
Note the color of the spark discharges changes from left to right.
Click here for movie.

 Thanks to Brian Foley for the interesting "Plane" electrodes - handles from arc lights originally.

Spark Gaps are point-plate variety.  Point is sharpened 1/8" diameter tungsten rod, Plate is 1.25" diameter tungsten disk.
One is used in each leg of the circuit for this test, cap (.05 mfd) is in parallel with 3.5 kV NST.

Appearance of sparks only from point to plane - output of Pancake Coils alone.

Complete tank circuit for test.
NST on top, caps below, spark gaps on the left and right.