The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum (C) Jeff Behary 2008 - 29 June 2008 - Thomas Burton Kinraide died 81 years ago today. We decided to make a reproduction Kinraide Coil as a tribute. Endless Thanks to Frank for the elaborate custom made wire!

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01Brewing 02GoodOlFrank 03Silk 04Spool 05Induction
01Brewing.jpg 02GoodOlFrank.jpg 03Silk.jpg 04Spool.jpg 05Induction.jpg
06Teflon 07DrawingWire 08DrawnWire 09Measuring 10WireThickness
06Teflon.jpg 07DrawingWire.jpg 08DrawnWire.jpg 09Measuring.jpg 10WireThickness.jpg
11Beeswax 12Waxy 13CoilWinder 14Speedometer 15Setup
11Beeswax.jpg 12Waxy.jpg 13CoilWinder.jpg 14Speedometer.jpg 15Setup.jpg