The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Static Electric Experiments Powered By Phantom Streamers
26. Oct 2008

The setup.  Static Collector to the left, Jackson Coil reproduction to the right.
Collector consists of (2) 6" Copper Spheres and (4) .002 40kV Doorknob Caps. 
Capacity, minus spheres, is .0005 mfd @ 160kV.

Normal operation has the sphere in the vicinity of the "Phantom Streamers".

Ocasionally, a loud static spark will pass between the coil's ball terminal  and the copper sphere.
The copper sphere to the left is connected to ground - in this case, grounded to the copper primary coil / secondary coil.

After powering down, static sparks may be drawn from the spheres.

Discharging the spheres completely after powering down.  You don't want to get a shock from this!

Right sphere is charged positive...

Left sphere is charged negative...

Movie Still.  Click here for movie!

Mejla aka "Doozer"