The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Thomas Burton Kinraide:  The Research Continues!
"Cyclone Plus":  Tesla Coil for producing Phantom Streamers

A simple single pole double throw knife switch was added to an old friend, along with some binding posts...

Discharge from disks on top of unit.  Spark Gap setting 4.  These give beautiful effluves, with some  Phantom Streamers.

The new switch allows for external coils!
Oudin Resonator, Step 1...

The Phantom Streamers, not visible by normal photography, extend twice the distance of the effluve/brush with this coil.

Similar arrangement with single Pancake Coil, flat spiral, 26 AWG, very heavily insulated in 5" of paraffin wax.

A faint spark to my hand, Phantom Streamers extending 8 - 10" on Spark Gap setting 3.

On spark gap setting 2, sparks 2 - 3" long, but Phantoms extend outward over 8".

Sparks on lowest voltage, Spark Gap setting 1.

4 - 6" Sparks with setting 3.  On setting 4, sparks extend over 6".

(C) Jeff Behary - 16. April 2008