The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

From Diathermy Machine to Tesla Magnifying Transmitter
Adding an "Extra" Coil to a Diathermy Machine can make some nice sparks without destroying a historical machine in the process!

Various coil forms were tried - this one is space-wound 28 AWG DSC  - 4.5" diameter.

Two "Violet Ray" hard rubber handles wound with 30 AWG SSC wire.
The windings are 2" x 7.875".  A metal rod (electrode) is connecting the two
coils in series...
(It is curious to note that these dimensions [5 cm x 20 cm] were given for
two Tesla Coils under coil used for his "Light And Other High Frequency
Phenomenon" lecture.)

Sparks are long as if from a Oudin resonator,
but still hot and able to cause bad RF burns on the higher power levels!

Click here for a movie!

I'm surprised HG Fischer didn't manufacture something like this!

Wiring Diagram of a typical Diathermy Machine
The secondary winding  of the Tesla/Oudin Coil has only 90 turns of
20 AWG Cotton Covered Wire!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2007, 2008