The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Homemade Diathermy Style Coil / Kit
I made 3 of these to sell for Mejla.  She needs knee surgery on both of her rear legs, which is going to cost
us a small fortune!

Small coil, but exhibits phantom streamers and interesting corona effects

High energy high current 40kV doorknob cap .002 mfd (retails for $139+!), 6 brass segments with 1/4" tungsten for 3 series spark
gap, two Tesla / Oudin Coils - fine wire, and coarse wire!

26 AWG close wound, and 28 AWG double silk covered

Cherry and plywood base.

Our gizzard, Mejla.

A neat coil, approx. 1.8 MHz!

Coil was tested again, this time with 15kV 60mA!  Still only .002 mfd, discharges extended to nearly 8" with a 5 series spark gap.  Gap could be opened more,
but this test will continue under oil!

Click here for a movie!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2008