The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

23. July 2008
Kinraide Coil Reproduction II - 58 Layers, 1000 turns

1" Wide interleaves - Drywall Seam Paper used, soaked in beeswax

Completed coil, approx. 1000 turns.  7" in diameter.

Each layer has from 16 - 18 turns.

The whole coil was placed in a silicone mould and poured with beeswax.   The silk covering acts as a wick, and the entire coil
was bubble-free in the matter of a few minutes.  The centre post is a vulcanite tube, 1.25" in diameter.  This was also filled with wax
when the other wax had cooled.  (Fortunately wax can be cast over wax again successfully...not the case with all materials).

"Looks like food!  Give me that!"

Finished coil for testing, 2" Sphere, 6 turns of 1" copper ribbon.

Ugh, now the sparking begins!