The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

24. July 2008
Kinraide Coil Reproduction II - Testing

Finished coil - made 23. July 2008

(Front, Center) Spark Gap used for the photos on this page.  Tank circuit about 1000V, .096 mfd.

Power supply - Adjustable condenser (.001 - .127 mfd), 10A Reactance Coil, 2 MOTs
Additional components used for these photos:  An additional 1/2 KW tapped reactance coil (not shown); Variac (not shown)

Low power sparks

Higher power sparks

Three movies of coil in operation:

Movie 1:  Coil + Water Cooled Spark Gap

Movie 2:  Coil, Closeup

Movie 3:  Coil, Closeup Variation

Movie stills below: