The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Bipolar Tesla Coil with Discharges that repel each other

Normally two coils like this would be arcing toward each other!
Click here for a movie!

This experiment was inspired by the work of W. H. Guilleminot.
For once I'm using Cylindrical coils instead of Pancake Coils!

The two Tesla/Oudin coils are wound in parallel instead of the normal bipolar arrangements.

An object placed between the coils will pour out effluves to each terminal...

Yet the terminals themselves will not arc over even at close distances

The brush discharges actually repel each other.  As seen here, normally the ends of the
wire would have the longest brush, but when placed in close proximity the brush moves backward to points of the wire farthest from the other coil!  The brush at the very tip
of the wires has been reduced drastically.

Here are the two coils with terminals widely separated - note the brush
pours from the end of the wire!

While almost crossing (even less than one inch apart!)
the brush still avoids each other, even scattering to the far end of the wire! 

Here the brush can be seen actually bending backward to avoid each other!

While the coils are the same, placing them in parallel doesn't double the current...
nor does the brush discharge cease!

An object placed between the coils becomes highly electrified.  Note the discharges taking
a slightly peculiar path upward to the grounded metal rod in my hand!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2008