The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Tesla Magnifying Transmitter For Studying
Electrical Discharge Phenomena

Master Oscillator - Primary and Secondary Coils 18.5" in diameter and 6" tall.

Master Oscillator with "Extra Coil"


Primary Coil:  3 turns of parallel-stranded copper wire, 3/16" in diameter, spaced 1/2" between centres
Wound on a wooden framework, 18.5" in diameter

Secondary Coil wound on 18.5" diameter fiber drum portion, 4" tall.  3.2" of winding, 18 AWG magnet wire, 72 turns.

Tertiary Coil:  4.75" diameter x 36" long,  fiberglass form 37.5" long: 2,375 turns of 28 AWG magnet wire.

Topload:  8" diameter float

Lower power branching snapping discharges

As the power levels increase, the branching starts to fade into more typical discharges

Current consumption up to 10 amps.  Two microwave oven transformers, primaries in antiparallel and secondaries in series.
10 amp choke coil plus a large Powerstat/Variac as a variable choke coil also in series. Condenser adjusted from .064 - .100 mfd

Discharges crackle like static sparks, phantom streamers 7" long and 1.5" in diameter.  Sparks 12 - 24" long depending on
current consumption.  1/2" diameter tungsten spark gap, 2-series.

Drawing an 8 - 16" spark at various power levels to a metal rod held in the hand will cause your hair to stand on end or
violently rise and fall depending on the setting of the spark gap and choke coil!

Click here for a low power movie...

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