The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

"Cyclone Plus" Tesla Coil
CAD renderings of a Tesla Coil to produce Phantom Streamers and related electric phenomena.
Inspired by the work of Thomas Burton Kinraide.
Dimensions and specs to follow!

Front of unit.

Front of unit with transparent box:  10kV 23mA OBIT, .01 Mica Transmitting Cap,
4-series 1/8" Tungsten Spark Gap, Single Pole Double Throw Knife Switch to change
output from Pancake Coils to Binding Posts; Double Pole Single Throw Knife Switch for Mains.

Note the transparent insulators on the spark gap. 

Pulling the rod out puts more gaps in the circuits, pushing it in reduces them.

Top view of the same along with Tesla Coil output knife switch...

2 9" flat spiral Pancake Coils, 26 AWG wire.

A rear view with transparent box...

More to follow!