The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

5" Sparks:  Tesla Oscillator with approx 35W of input power

Setup with 38" x 48" masonite posters in the background.  Note the photo in the left background is approximate actual size of the real apparatus.
The Pancake coils I have chosen, while side-by-side, are nearly the same physical size as those Tesla used back-to-back in his arrangement.
The electromagnet coil I've used is much smaller though, I will try and replicate the large one in the photo.

To the right is another collection of "Tesla's Tesla Coils".  We have 5 of these large posters that we use for lectures.

Here are the components!

Click here for an updated movie!

The interrupter mechanism was ceased a bit, but I managed to loosen it enough to have it nearly open to nearly closed.  Depending on the
setting of the interrupter, the sparks appear from 4 - 5" on top of the unit.  Even with the dischargers removed, phantom streamers issue from
the terminals a few inches perpendicular to the terminals.

I used a modern cap.  .5 mfd.

Check out the size of the core on the electromagnet!

The 3600 turn secondary coils and 24 3/4 turn primary coils are embedded in beeswax.  Finished coils are not more than 6.5" OD!

Note the bright sparks in the middle of the sparks!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2007, 2008