The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Fiberglass Mesh Tape Tesla Pancake Coil

A new prototype Pancake Coil wound with 462 turns of 34 AWG magnet wire, interleaved with a
sticky back fiberglass sheet rock / dry wall mesh tape.  The whole mass in insulated in wax.
The coil contains 500 feet of wire and mesh.  The ID is 1.5" the OD is 8.25".

Coil tended to arc to outermost turns, so I temporarily put some heavy wax around the centrepost.

Arcs were from 6 - 9".  3 turn copper ribbon primary, a variety of effects were obtained from .015 - .150 mfd.

Secondary is being insulated to a larger diameter with wax because of this - corona from the outermost (grounded) wire!

---------------------------------------------  Next Day --------------------------------------------------

Waxed outside of coil, now 12" discharges at 1KW!