The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

New Tesla Coil
With New Spark Gaps

A Compact Modern Breadboard Tesla Coil made with modern materials

9kV 60mA Transformer, 4 Series Behary Spark Gap, 3 .002 mfd Doorknob Caps, Tesla Coil

The base is 1.25" thick Acrylic

Caps wired for .006 mfd at 40kV.  Vintage rubber coated wire used here!

Tesla Secondary Coil is removable - rests on the top of an original ceramic Edison Battery Jar Lid courtesy of Robert Campbell!
I think this will be a great surprise at lectures.  Primary is 5 turns of 1" Copper Ribbon, separated by .1875" thick EPDM rubber.
Secondary is wound with 250 turns of quadruple-silk covered magnet wire, 30 AWG. 

Closeup of winding.  Secondary is 4.5" OD and 9.75" of winding.

Approx. 26 turns per inch.

Topload is a 6" Copper Sphere.  Discharge point made of a brass bell and 3/8" diameter ball terminal.

Arcs to metal rod

Brush discharge

Click here for a movie!

Brush discharge exceeds 12".