The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Low Voltage
Tesla Coil Experiments,
Tesla Coil powered Tesla Coil circuits...

Setup.  120 - 240V transformer, current-limited with electromagnet to around 100 watts.
1 mfd MOT cap + 7.5 mfd Motor Start Cap = 8.5 mfd.  Micrometer 5/16" diameter Tungsten Spark Gap, set around .001".

A normal Tesla Coil circuit with far from normal values.

Closeup of Sparks

Using low voltage powered Tesla Coil to operate a second Tesla Coil that uses a .002 mfd cap for resonance.

Faint sparks generated from second coil.

Pancake Coil replaced with 7500V neon transformer.  Output from transformer is induction coil like sparks.

Sparks generated from the same neon transformer when operated with low voltage TC circuit

Sparks from Tesla Coil powered by TC powered NST

750 Turn Radio Inductance Coil modified to produce high voltage from same circuit

...and used to power the same Tesla Coil.

Tesla Coil circuit - 240V charging 8.5 mfd cap, discharging through .001" spark gap to induction coil.
Induction coil charges .002 mfd cap and discharges through spark gap to wax-insulated cylindrical Tesla Coil.

Same circuit Low Voltage circuit powering "Violet Ray" machine coil