The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

6" Pancake Tesla Coil
with Cigar Box and Edison Record Power Supplies

3-4" Sparks, 16.5 Watt Tesla Coil

Completed Coil, 500 turns of wire.  Hard rubber (Ebonite/Vulcanite) post, 3/4" Ball Terminal.  Primary windings are coming out of the side.
Outermost turn of the secondary coil is grounded to one leg of the primary winding. 

500 turn Pancake Coil when being wound...
91 Layers, Approx. 5 1/2 turns per layer - 6" diameter, 27 AWG wire with .015" thick interleave material.

First power supply is constructed out of a thick Edison Record for a base!

1650V 10mA Transformer.  Reactance Coil above transformer, 3kV .05 mfd condenser, spark gap

Cigar Box Power Supply - 3" x 4" x 5"!

And it works!

Can you find Io?  She was covered in sawdust, brass, aluminum, steel, bakelite, hard rubber, ...