The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

June Bug Cafe, Jamaica Plain MA

"If you like coffee, go to the June Bug!"
Those were the immortal words that woke me up from a dream the night of May 5, 2004.
I was dreaming that Rita and I ventured to Boston to look for Kinraide relics.
I had just finished building my reproduction "Kinraide Jackson Coil", and was uploading it to the site (via "dial up").
I wondered...what on earth is the "June Bug", and what could it signify?  "June" Bug??
I went to Google and typed "June Bug" and "Coffee" and found a little cafe in Jamaica Plain.
How is that possible?  I asked myself that for nearly a year.
Kinraide was from Jamaica Plain.

Then I finished building a second Kinraide coil that was  for my dear friend Bill Wysock.  The next day I got a phone
call from a retired Anesthesiologist named Gerald Zeitlin.  He called me after returning from a cemetery in Jamaica Plain!  How??!!!
He was standing next to the grave of William James Morton, which read "discovered high frequency currents".
He didn't believe it!  Looked up Morton, found my site, and "bingo".  I asked if he knew about June Bug and he laughed.
After hanging up the phone, I told Rita "WE'RE GOING!".  And so I booked two tickets.  Two weeks before leaving for Boston
I found one of Kinraide's patents for sale in England.  I bought it and express mailed it.  His address was on the patent.  I
called the number that matched the address now, and a miracle happened.  One of many that would happen.

I later learned from the current owner of Kinraide's home that he and his wife eat breakfast sometimes at the June Bug.
I'm sure half of Jamaica Plain does.  Rita and I did.  She had to listen to me rattle on for a year over that damn name.
Who names a cafe June Bug?  I'm sure glad they named it June Bug.  That funny name changed my life!

Rita and her coffee.  We like coffee. 
Side note:  Before quack devices I had 80 Espresso Machines and my dad several hundred coffee
grinders.  Joe Macmillan our friend from Marietta, Georgia wrote the most wonderful book on Coffee Grinders.
It is something like 3" thick, and took a lifetime to compile.  It is a real treasure.

On April 29, 2005 Rita and I met Thomas Burton Kinraide.
(And we've never been the same since.)