The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Behary Tesla Coil Powered Static Machine:
Phantom Streams for providing Positive Electricity

Static Collector and doorknob capacitors; Pancake Coil with special electrode

Normally a static collector - here an emitter of Tesla streams...

Vertical rod collects negative electricity from Primary Copper Strap, 6" sphere collects positive electricity from Phantom Streamers

Top view.  The arm in the front swings up and down to discharge static from condensers.

Note the slight hint of Phantoms to the right and the intense "POW" of the spark at the left

The modified forms of sparks produced from positive sphere to Pancake discharger are thick and loud - vastly different
than from the Pancake Coil alone.

Note the thin Tesla sparks taken to a metal rod held in the hand - much different than the thick spark below:

Accidental flash photo...

Negative sparks to collector...

Turn of the century Oscilloscope Geissler tube.  Shows polarity of discharge - negative side glows if
unidirectional current.  If oscillatory or inverse current is present both sides will glow.

Sphere is positive!

A form of Morton static spark - discharging static through a Tesla Coil...

This spark isn't as loud and forms more fat and of an almost greenish appearance.

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