The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

 A Simple Design For A 4 - 6" Induction Coil

Various simplified Induction Coils I built this week.  Front Left, 2.5" Spark Capacity
Front Right, 1" Spark Capacity; Right, Vertical Coil (Heavy wire) 2" Capacity
and the latest coil (rear) 4 - 6" Spark Capacity

Setup.  Primary Winding is lead to far ends of cylinder, high voltage winding leads to the top of the cylinder, 12" apart.
Secondary Coil is 2.375" x 14" containing 12" wound with 34 AWG wire.  4 turn primary coil of 2" wide copper ribbon
on a 1.5" square x 13" long core.

Click here for a movie!