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Companies, Organizations, Rare Breeds of Coilers and Enthusiasts

Frank Jones

Fortunately we have over .023% of  Frank's collection on this website.
No one would live long enough to browse it online, in any case!
Tesla Memorial Society, Inc.

William Terbo, Tesla's Grand-Nephew, Executive of the Official Tesla Memorial Society,
the oldest and most respected Tesla organization in the United States.
Tesla Technology Research 

Others may say they make the biggest or best Tesla Coils:
Bill Wysock actually does.
PV Scientific

The greatest [and only] source for the highest quality Static Electric Machines,
Induction Coils, Crookes Tubes, Vintage Radios, Leyden Jars, etc.
Zahi N. Hakim, MD

Zahi is an amazing collector of early radiography tubes and related accessories.
He has some real rarities on his website -  He is a retired
radiologist, and I greatly admire his work in preserving the rich history of Röntgen Rays.
John “Grizzy” Grzywacz

OSHA National Training Institute icon and senior faculty member, Professor "Grizzy" is
the BEST Electrical Safety Trainer in the country.  He is also an avid Tesla enthusiast and

Dr. Daniel Cuscela - 

Dan is a local friend that has one of the most impressive libraries I have ever seen, and a fine collection
of rare floor model machines of massive proportions.  The largest antique electrostatic machine in the
country, now fully operational - a 24 plate Frank S Betz Toepler-Holtz X-Ray machine...a 10kW Snook
Interrupter-less X-Ray machine, a vast collection of glass plate X-Rays and obscure McIntosh floor model machines just to name "a few".  A sincere doctor who cares about history...that's one of a kind!
Bob Blaske - 

Imagine having a teacher in middle school that actually taught you something.  My first TV appearance was in middle school, and was the result of this man:  Mr.  Blaske.  He taught me BASIC computer programming, and in no time I was programming C and assembly language at 14 years old.   Bob has written an amazing series of books on "old Florida".  Check out his website and have a look at the Queen Of The Everglades.  Even Mejla reads this book!
Gerrit Kemerink

Gerrit is a retired medical physicist with a sincere interest in early radiology.  He has written numerous publications on X-Rays and has beautifully replicated the work of early pioneers.  In doing this work he is offering new insight from a modern perspective that has been desperately lacking for more than a century.
Please keep up the good work, Gerrit - it is priceless!
Gerhard Kütterer

Gerhard is an amazing author and historian on early X-Ray pioneers.  He is compiling a colossal  book of important people in X-Ray history from around the world -  I have seen some drafts of this impressive masterpiece, it is something to treasure for all X-Ray collectors, historians, and enthusiasts.  
Robert D. Campbell

Bob is an amazing person.  He found in a box of glass negatives the entire life of Earle
Ovington.  Over a decade later, he pieced together that amazing life in the most spectacular
modern book I've ever read.  It is a treasure chest of rare photos and text never seen anywhere else.
Harry Goldman

Harry had the first Tesla Coil website 20 years before the internet, TCBA News.
He is a Tesla historian, author, collector, educator, and builds some beautiful Tesla Coils! 

Harry wrote an incredible biography that everyone needs:
Kenneth Strickfaden - Dr. Frankenstein's Electrician (McFarland, 2005)
Brian Foley

Brian has been a great friend of ours from the north east.  He has generously donated
many machinist tools, wax, and countless useful items for experiments.  In fact, many
projects on this site would probably have never been started if it wasn't for his surprise
packages.  While many Americans are content to scrap anything they find, Brian finds
a use for it all - we all need to follow this example!

He has a fantastic knowledge of CNC machines (and even builds his own),
and certainly knows his way around Tesla Coiling!  
The Mid America Science Museum

Richard Mathias  commissioned Bill Wysock to build an even higher output reproduction of the
Griffith Observatory Tesla Coil.   This earned him a Guinness Record for the largest Conical Tesla Coil
in the world.  Richard and his wife demonstrate this coil and a smaller portable conical coil as part of
their "Sermon From Science" program.
Charles F. Brush

When I think of the name Charles Brush, two people come to mind.  One is the famous inventor who
created magnificent arc lamps.  The other is his grandson, who fortunately preserves such magical
treasures.  One of perhaps the greatest scientific studies ever made was performed in the modern
Brush laboratory:  Furby Stress Testing.  For those who haven't seen this video, your life will be
forever changed once you do.  Pick yourself up off the floor after watching it, and be sure to visit
his historical treasures on the site too!
Peter Barvoets

Photography Galleries (Lookseeseen)
Philosophical Apparatus

Peter is a great collector, and introduced me to a Pancake Coil chapter from a book that
would change my life:  High Frequency Apparatus by Thomas Stanley Curtis
Finn Hammer

From the land of Finsen, Poulsen, Pedersen, and Aakvavit comes one of the
greatest modern Tesla Coil builders, Finn Hammer.
Alastair Wright

Alastair is a well-known collector from the UK of Violet Rays, Diathermy Machines, and
Vacuum Discharge Tubes.  He has put together some fantastic YouTube videos of his
Historische Glasapparate und Lehrmittel

Lutz Neumann is perhaps the best glass blower in the world.  I've seen his restorations and
reproductions of Geissler and Crookes Tubes, and feel they are honestly better than the originals.
Henk Dijkstra

Henk has a wonderful site dedicated to Cathode Ray and Vacuum Discharge Tubes.  Geissler Tubes,
Crookes Tubes, X-Ray Tubes, Rotators, and Induction Coils.

David Genser
1957 - 2008

David was an extraordinary collector that we all have fond memories of.  He did something
unprecedented in medical collecting history:  He restored machines in an authentic way
and managed to make them better than the originals, often to painstaking lengths.  His work
was clearly admirable and nothing short of spectacular.

Bert Hickman c/o Stoneridge Engineering

Bert uses high voltage engineering to create masterpieces
that would otherwise seem impossible:  Captured Lightning in
acrylic and Shrunken Quarters!  Not to mention he is an avid
Tesla Coil builder.  "Wrecking havoc with electrons for over 40 years"...
That says it all!
Bob McCoy

Bob was a fantastic collector and curator of The Museum Of Questionable Medical Devices.
I helped him & Shawne Fitzgerald write a chapter in "Quack!  Tales Of Medical Fraud" on Violet
Ray devices.  On retiring, Bob donated his huge collection to the Science Museum Of Minnesota.
We tried to borrow a few of the devices after for the Steve Harvey show, and they sent us an $8000
invoice to borrow a few items.  The episode was cancelled immediately.  It was an unreal and sad ending.
Le Pappilon Vert
Jiffy Coil

Michael and Evita have Renaissance-like hobbies, the greatest of which is distilling
Absinthe using original pre-ban recipes.  At 144 proof, it is quite a wonderful liquid,
and some of the best  I've ever had.  Evita designs corsets, and Michael
builds Tesla Coils as well.

Eric is a great machinist who makes some wonderful Tesla Coils with vintage parts & components.
Dany K

Awesome website and YouTube videos in Czech of classic high voltage experiments.
Induction Heating, Tesla Coils, High Voltage, Fluoroscopy / X-Rays.  Very nice work.
Alton Smith

Alton has an amazing collection of Crookes and Geissler tubes and sells radio tubes for collectors at reasonable prices!
  David Rickert

David Rickert is a fantastic collector and enthusiast of antique quackery and high frequency coils. 
  Dean P. Currier

Dean is a wonderful collector and historian of early electrotherapy instruments.  He wrote a
wonderful 500 pg. book "Guide To Electrotherapy Instruments And Histories Of Their American Makers"
  Lonnie & Tim Purvis

Lonnie was an extraordinary collector of antique steam engines, toy sewing machines, kitchen
gadgets, and flywheel engines. 
In his amazing "Toy Room" he had two small Tesla Turbines in his collection that could fit in the palm of your hand and reach RPMs as high as 20- 30,000 with compressed air. 
His son Tim exhibits gigantic flywheel engines locally in South Florida.
  Roy Ozouf

Roy was a master machinist of model flywheel engines.  He wrote many articles for Modeltec and
machined scale models of engines more accurate than a 1/1000" manually, and handmade every
single component on his engines down to the nuts and screws!  He was perhaps the greatest manual
machinist of model engines in existence.  Why there is not a website on this man's work is beyond me.
  James "Jim" Headberg

Jim was an avid aviator, machinist, and inventor who lived locally in the Wellington Aero Club.  He
collected toy sewing machines and engines, and was a master machinist.  He filed several US patents.