The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

30 watt Tesla Coil Tuner

This simple Tesla Coil power supply uses 40kV .002 mfd Doorknob Capacitors to form my binary tuning array.
It uses a 3600V 8mA "baby" Neon Transformer, which is connected via Banana Plugs in case higher power
testing is required from an external transformer.

Here is a typical setup.

The binary array provides from .001 - .015 mfd in .001 mfd increments using only 4 switches.

Color-coded knife switches:
X for closed, O for open

mfd 008 004 002 001
.001 O O O X
.002 O O X O
.003 O O X X
.004 O X O O
.005 O X O X
.006 O X X O
.007 O X X X
.008 X O O O
.009 X O O X
.010 X O X O
.011 X O X X
.012 X X O O
.013 X X O X
.014 X X X O
.015 X X X X

The whole supply is 12" x 12"

This Pancake Coil has just under 3 turns of copper ribbon for the primary coil and 150 turns of 31 AWG wire
wound flat in the secondary coil, and embedded in light red wax. 
At .014 mfd, it produces sparks 4" long and Phantom Streams 10 - 12" using only 30W of power.

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