The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

30 watt Tesla Coil Producing Phantom Streams

Here is the setup.  Behary 30W Tesla Coil Tuner with 9" 150T Pancake Coil

Phantom Streams can be felt distinctly at a distance of 12" from this coil, and just barely perceived at a distance of 16".
They can be seen clearly or distinctly with the naked eye at a distance of around 8"-10".

The Oscilloscope Tube shows some strange behaviour at 12" from the sphere!

These are the actual sparks produced from the metal ball - only 3" long.

The Phantoms can be seen faintly here extending outward.

Up close these Phantom Streams get interesting.  They produce a thick (roughly 3/16" thick) rod-like discharge to a piece
of metal held in the hand.

Distinct bright spots on the rod can be seen in this photo where the phantoms strike.  With the naked eye they have a very
distinct shape, the photo shows rather a blur of many moving streams.  But the target spots remain very clear in this photo.

Here are several spots can be seen.

A faint spark appears here.

Note how the discharges tend to form in clusters

If only everyone could be here to see these in person.  I am surprised how efficient this crude and simple setup is for their
production.  The effect in person is quite dramatic!