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Frank Jones:  Abram's Oscilloclast

Dr. Abrams was called the "Father of Radionics" and was also probably
one of the most world renowned quack medicine peddlers.
Abrams professed that all organisms possessed a natural unique
vibration and any disease could both be diagnosed and cured by those
He made claims he could diagnose a disease by a singe drop of blood
and marketed a machine in the early 1920's called an Oscilloclast,
that he claimed would cure a myriad of diseases, including cancer.
This machine was never for sale but always leased to practitioners
for a fairly healthy sum of money.
The Oscilloclast consisted of a very distinctive electro-mechanical
interrupter commonly referred to as a tic-toc.
This interrupter consisted of 2 double wound electromagnets and a
pendulum mechanism that delivered approximately 200 interruptions a
minute. The interrupter has a different commutator that both ran the
device as well as supplied a second set of points that has a longer
connect time and then a rapid break.

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This interrupter supplied power to an air core transformer,
essentially a Tesla coil that was short circuited. The output of this
coil was connected to 3 parallel switched resistor banks. Each
resistor in these banks was 1000 ohms, a value Abrams felt was in
resonance with organisms.
The output of each bank was connected to a single binding post and
this post was then electrically connected to the patient. Thus The
patient was in series with the circuit and the resistors. Multiples
of 1000 ohms were selectable, 0, 1000, 2000, 3000,... up to 10,000


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The different values of resistance would "cure" different diseases.
Because of the circuit, these machines actually produced a high
frequency damped oscillation of low output.

The FDA quickly came down on Abrams and confiscated these machines
and destroyed them. Of course some have survived and are very
collectable today.
Abrams continued to made "modern" versions of these machines using
vacuum tubes and operating around 49 Mhz. The first one was still
called an Oscilloclast (same name as his original) and had 10 push
buttons with the same value resistors to treat the patient. A later
version was called an Oscillotron and was identical to the earlier
tube one with the exception the output resistor bank was now driven
by a motor so all 10 resistances were "automatically" put in series
with the patient to cover all diseases at once instead of only one
"button" at a time.

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In addition to the HF
output, these sets also had 2 electromagnets to give a 60HZ field and
was also modulated with the HF. These electromagnets could be put on
the body, typically in the chest or abdomen region.

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Until recently, it was thought only Abrams used the original
Oscilloclast design but an Oscilloclast clone was recently found that
was made by The Western X ray Corp. also of San Francisco, the same
place the original machines were made.
It uses the same circuit as the original machine only the Tesla coil
is in a much smaller box and was potted and the tic-toc has a
different points system but otherwise identical both in size and
design to the original patent that was incorporated on the original

The original machines are part of a famous history of quack and now
this new machine opens up even more mysteries about the Oscilloclast
and Abrams.
At one time, The Jehovah Witness promoted and sold/ leased these
machines (along with the violet ray) and Abrams ideas in their
watchtower publications and the principles was called the ERA or

Electronic Reactions of Abrams.
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Even today, Abrams is still highly regarded by some groups and some
of his principles are still practiced and machines made based on his
original designs, especially radionics type devices.