The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Kinraide Point - Plane (Point - Plate) Tesla Coil Rectifier Static Electric Machine
Based on the patents and research of Thomas Burton Kinraide

Bipolar Pancake Coils, Collectors and Electrodes to distribute charges, Static Condensers

Bipolar Pancake Coils - one terminating in a plane surface (left), the other a point (right)

Top view.  Arched arms can swing to and fro on the condensers

A clamping collet will adjust the individual height of each collector

Showing Point and Plane

(2) .002 40kVDC Condensers (Doorknob Caps) in series for .001 mfd 80 kVDC Condensers
A pair of these are attached to the collectors for .0005 mfd 160 kVDC

...Added 16. August 09

Some photos without capacitors...

Closeup of discharges