The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Non-Inductive Connections For Copper Ribbon / Flat Strap Primary Coils

Copper ribbon or strap Primary Oscillators are easy to build, and were standards of the 1920s.
For fixed coils, rigid connections are a must, and as with any Oscillator coil the leads should contain
as little inductance as possible for the highest efficiencies.

Coil is made from copper strap and EPDM Rubber.

The goal here is to take ribbon wound in an Archimedes Spiral and terminate both ends with perpendicular connections
bolted down at the ground plane of the coil to the rest of the apparatus...

Here is an example of a Primary Oscillator with formed ribbon terminations.

This coil was used as part of a new design of corona rectifier for producing Static Electricity, Tesla Currents,
Morton Currents, and a combined modified Static Electric-Tesla Discharge.

Special high current Static-Tesla discharges

By separating the components to beyond the sparking distance of the modified sparks  the sphere becomes
continuously charged with positive static electricity from the "Phantom Streams" generated at the Pancake Coil terminal.

Components adjusted to allow both discharges to occur independently.

By lifting the discharge arm of the static collector, modified sparks jump between the sphere and terminal.  Occasional
thinner high frequency Tesla sparks can also be seen interspaced.

A close shot of the crackling static discharge...

Sumo is playing too...