The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Single Pole / Unipolar Kinraide Coil

Brush Discharge

Before staining...

Top view...Pancake Coil, Condenser, Spark Gap, Transformer, Knife Switch


3000V 110mA

Pancake Coil

Awesome .01 mfd transmitting cap from Frank  and Tungsten Spark Gap

More projects:

500 turn Pancake Coils...

An interesting uranium glass Geissler Tube from Frank

Note the white vacuum.   This is normal air pumped down to geissler vacuum, yet has more resistance than
the normal Violet or red vacuums...

Shows the green phosphorescence of the glass

Transformer laminations 1 5/16" x random lengths.  For a future project in building wireless [telegraphy] transformers...

Sumo is working hard...

Mejla too

Io is ready to hang out in the museum out back!

Sumo and Juju