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Powering a Tesla Coil using an X-Ray Transformer
Do not attempt experiments on this page, it is extremely dangerous to casually experiment with voltages of this severity. 
The purpose of this page was simply to prove that it can be done.

Powering a Tesla Coil with an X-Ray transformer.  5-series tungsten gap, .006 40kV capacitor bank, Pancake Coil, 200 turns.

A view from behind the setup.  When powered by 220V, this monster produces a 6" flame (highly DANGEROUS)

The motor rectifier uses 220V to run, so we're testing this on 110V and leaving the current unrectified.
Note the wheel placement to allow the current to be conducted above.

This is low power, and half-voltage!

60kV?  75kV??

As the current increases, the arc gets hotter and hotter

Its actually melted heavy stranded wire here!

For these tests, around 60-75kV was used.  The caps are (3) .002 mfd doorknob caps, in parallel for .006 mfd at 40kV.
The spark gap is set to just under 1/4" wide (total of all 5 sections).

On lower power is brush and an abundance of phantom streams.

As the power turns up, so do the arcs!

On higher powers, this became very evil!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010