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Powering a Oudin/Tesla Coil using an X-Ray Transformer, Part II
Do not attempt experiments on this page, it is extremely dangerous to casually experiment with voltages of this severity. 
The purpose of this page was simply to prove that it can be done.

Last week I did an interesting experiment with a Pancake Coil, X-Ray Transformer, and .006 mfd cap.

This week I am doing similar experiments, but at the extreme limit of things:  .001 mfd capacity.
This is similar to two small Leyden Jars, and the experiments replicate those done a century ago with
6" induction coils / Leyden Jars  for powering small high frequency frequency apparatus.

Two doorknob caps (.002 mfd) in series.  4 series tungsten spark gap (set from 1/2" - 1")
The gap mounts in holes on top of this X-Ray transformer.  They are 9" between centers.  This puts the spark gap in parallel
with the transformer and the two caps in series with the Tesla Coil primary.

Having such a small cap size really limits the ability to make an efficient coil, but this is just a test to see what happens...

First test is 286 turn Tesla/Oudin Coil.  P:S turns ratio is approx 24:1.  Resonant frequency 1130 kHz

Next experiment is done with  Pancake Coil placed approx 6" above a flat ribbon primary of 15 turns.
Turns ratio is approx 12:1

Resonant frequency around 915 kHz.


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