The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2010 

Electroscope Made From Light Bulb Salt & Pepper Shaker!

This project is dedicated to OSHA Professor extraordinaire John Grizzy.
John sent me some interesting salt and pepper shakers with unscrew-able lamp bases. 
Aside from filling them with neon bulbs and using them with Tesla Coils, I thought up something practical!

The Electroscope is one of the fundamental accessories for static electric experimentation - it shows the presence of charge.

I used a bent paper clip soldered to the lamp base and a thin strip of aluminum foil in place of gold leaf.

Finished assembly, with arm to reach out into static fields or in my case Phantom Streams from Pancake coils!
(Works also with a static-filled newly brushed cat!)

Closeup of the "guts"

Thanks John!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010