The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Homemade Calcium Tungstate Screen and Fluoroscope

Tens of thousands of physicians died from overexposure to the fluoroscope.  Many sites state that
physicians did not know the danger of X-Rays - this is simply not true.  Within the first few years of the discovery, early pioneers
in the field such as Elihu Thomson purposely exposed themselves to the rays and published the horrific effects of burns and slow
healing sores.

Many argued the real source of the burns, including Tesla and Kinraide.  Arguments included skepticism of parasite rays or secondary
radiation being generated, or that the burns were caused from Nitric Acid from the coils being used.  While possible causes to some minor degrees, X-Rays are never safe, and the radiation itself was the cause of the damage - whether from an induction coil, static machine,
or Tesla Coil.

Physicians loved the new rays so much, that even amputations did not stop their work.  In the case
of Walter Dodd, who could not even feed himself from lack of remaining fingers on both hands, hid his pain and and suffering and
even checked into other hospitals under a different name as not to make an increased fear of or against X-Rays from the public or
 other physicians.  Many of the finest names on this site died from overexposure to X-Rays.  Those who didn't died often suffered
consequences decades later.  The early pioneers were sincere in their efforts, often treating thousands of cases.  Whether
right or wrong in their arguments, all of their work was important in discovering the ins and outs of this fascinating field.

The early work of X-Rays holds many untold secrets and forgotten engineering marvels.  Much can be learned from this era.

Viewing side, portion of screen seen inside.

Approximate colour of screen when viewed with the door closed.

Continuous cloth I designed to cover the fluoroscope box.

I made a new larger 8,5 x 11 fluorescent screen.